PSA offers banks every card product in an issuing support model.

As part of the issuing support, PSA supports banks in issuing their debit and credit cards without appearing as the issuer of the card. As a result, the bank is always the direct contact for their customers, even though almost 100% of the work required is taken care of behind the scenes by PSA.

This highly efficient model allows the bank to offer its own customers a top product combined with top service without their own infrastructure and without in-depth know-how in the processing of payment cards.

Value Added

In addition to the standard business cases for debit and credit cards (acceptance at the POS and ATM), PSA offers its customers value added card services that make cards managed by PSA even more flexible, secure and universal, such as:

  • Age verification online (debit)
  • CardTAN (debit)
  • GeoControl (debit)
  • SMS service (credit)
  • Secure e-commerce

Card products

PSA provides the banks with the technical infrastructure, the necessary instruments and their many years of expertise in the debit and credit card issuing business.

ZOIN - P2P Money Transfer

With ZOIN, PSA offers a service for person-to-person (P2P) payments. It is a safe and easy way to send, receive, or request money, simply using your smartphone and a mobile phone number. It is not necessary to enter an IBAN or account number. ZOIN works between banks from card to card. The prerequisite is a valid debit card from a participating bank.

The majority of Austrian banks offer ZOIN. Every PSA White Label Wallet is offered with ZOIN integrated.

Every ZOIN user can use their smartphone to easily and securely:

  • Send money to a contact or desired cell phone number
  • Receive money from a contact or desired cell phone number
  • Request money from a contact or desired cell phone number
  • Exchange messages (including pictures) with recipients or senders or other ZOIN users as part of a transaction

ATM System

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the Austrian ATM system is one of the most modern and safest in the world. PSA provides banks comprehensive service for everything relating to ATMs.