Instant Payment Connection - TIPS

In 2017, the SCTInst (SEPA Credit Transfer Instant) Rulebook of the European Payments Council (EPC) came into force. The aim is to be able to process SEPA-based, classic payment transactions in real time 24/7. To this end, the ECB announced in 2017 the development of the real-time settlement system “TIPS” or “Target Instant Payment Settlement” in order to be able to process SCTInst transactions.

A prerequisite for participating in TIPS is connection to the system via a highly secure line certified by the ECB.

PSA has already created such a high-quality connection to the TIPS system and offers banks access to the TIPS system as a “full service” solution.

The advantages of the certified TIPS connection for banks are:

  • Maximum use of existing operating and communication processes between PSA and the banks
  • Simple adaptation and expansion options thanks to an optimal mix of standard components and individual solutions
  • A central partner who takes care of all aspects of the TIPS connection

PSA guarantees experience in handling multi-partner ecosystems

  • Easy scalability of the solution
  • No new technical partners required for the connection